Hey y’all, I’m Abby. I grew up in a tiny town and now live in a slightly bigger one with an unbridled desire to explore the world around me. I found my fascination in photography during high school on a family trip to Alaska with a dinky point-and-shoot and haven’t looked back since. I love the mountains, I love the desert, and I love the various landscapes the western US has to offer. I just wish I had more time to see it all.

     I have a mutt named Blu who I adopted 3 years ago when I lived down in southern Idaho and he’s my whole world. He’s talkative, cute, and extremely active but he makes for a great adventure partner.

    I love food and am usually up to try about anything that's put in front of me, unless it came from the ocean, not a fan of seafood over here. When it comes to restaurants you can take me to a dive burger joint or a small town diner and I'm a happy girl. Fried pickles, sugared down coffee, and Ketchup Lay's chips are a few of my favorite things.

     As much as I love the outdoors there are also plenty of days you can find me wrapped up on the couch watching hours of American Horror Story or some crime show. I have an unhealthy obsession, honestly. 

     Now that you’ve gotten to know me I want to get to know you. Photography is more than just someone running around throwing a camera in your face (that’s only 85%). It’s an investment to memories that you’ll be able to look back on your whole life. I want to help you document your adventures whether it be graduating high school, getting engaged, marriage, or growing a family. Let me be a part of your special day!